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Judging a book by its cover

I love playing guessing games. Guessing games at airports are the most fun. So many infinite possibilities.

Some of my favourites are guess which airline those attendants work for? This game is great, just don’t get racist about it.
This game is easy to win if you have a bit of time before your flight and can snoop around the airport to see which plane they’re getting on.

A similar game is guess where people are travelling to.

Guess what’s inside that weirdly shaped luggage.
Guess what those business class passengers do for a living.
Guess why those guys are travelling to New York.

The only way you can win at these guessing games is to actually go and talk to the people and find out which can be a bit intimidating if you’re shy. Like me.
The other way to win is if fate throws you into the seat next to/in front of/behind them. Or if you’re next to them at the luggage carousel.

Another game is guess how much longer there is to go with the flight. You can win at this game by checking the flight’s progress on your TV screen. Bear in mind you only really win if there’s less than 2 hours left.


Sucked into a hole

“I’m not always there when you call
but I’m always online
I’d give you my all
but I’m wasting my time”

I had a bit of a youtube party this weekend, it involved a lot of Ashanti, Mariah, Kelly, Ciara and all the other babes who sing the hooks on hip hop tracks.
What else did I do over the long weekend?
(Aside from raise my cup of tea in celebratory salute to the Queen)
(I didn’t actually do that, apart from her natty ability to match her umbrella to her outfit, the Queen is not a big part of my life).
I managed to get sucked into the deep dark hole that is Game of Thrones and the deep dark holes that are Khal Drogo’s eyes. I know he’s a bit gruff and monosyllabic, but you can’t tell me you haven’t imagined jumping on the back of his war horse and whispering, “Take me back to your tent, Sun and Stars, and I’ll dress those battle wounds for you”.
There’s other reasons to watch GOT of course, like female sword-fighters, dragons, white walkers (vampire thingees that scare the daylights out of me), Tyrion and medieval fashions for men (men in skirts, men with half up half down ponies, MC Hammer pants made of hessian, Fur collars)
I’ve only just finished season 1 – so please, spare me the spoilers.