Tall mamí syndrome

by Ruby Brunton

So, the floral feud has escalated, and it’s got me thinking about chicks and our endless competition with each other. Why is it when two girls start doing well they are either pitted against each other (like January Jones and Christina Hendricks, who are both, let’s face it, smoking hot) or they end up creating unnecessary drama? The two flowers in question are winning at a mostly man’s game but instead of collaborating, supporting each other or at least putting up a semblance of mutual admiration, it’s turned into twitter war and fodder for a new range of tees (“Team Azealia” and “Team Azalea” anyone?)

Now this is all easier to say and a lot harder to do… us girls can be notorious for competing with each other as if we have to be the best out of our sex. But how much nicer would it be if we all felt like there was enough room at the top for each of us? What we need is to clear some space up there, and probably the best way to topple some of these dudes from their thrones is if we commit to giving each other a leg-up instead of cutting each other down.  A little more respect, a little less bitching, and if our fingernails are long, let it be for guitar playing and quick unpicking only.