After Pina

by Ruby Brunton

Pina engulfs you like
being with a lover
Pina caresses you so softly and sweetly
just when you think you can’t take any more beauty
more comes
The dancers perform feats of human strength and flexibility
set against heartbreakingly beautiful landscapes
and industrial backdrops.
The pan shots show off a chorus line
that seems to be never-ending
Then – a mid shot of a woman hunched
bearing a tree on her back;
another woman’s
bearing a man on her back.
And the gowns – oh the gowns!
I would do anything for
a strapless floral like that.
A perfect soundtrack
an unexpected location
moving memories of Pina –
Some dancers remain silent but
show their feelings on their faces.
Some of the dances made me laugh
others made me cry.